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Our origin

We are a company of Colombian origin. Our brand was created with one objective, and that is hair care. Our purpose is to improve the nutrition and growth of hair. Sharing with you the treatments with natural ingredients, secrets and tips with which my mother took care of my hair throughout my childhood, which gave my hair strength, nutrition and shine. These ingredients are embodied in all my products, to help you have nourished, healthy and beautiful hair.

Our ingredients

High quality products

High quality products, free of parabens and sulfates.
Vegan products, not tested on animals.

Hydrolyzed soy protein hydrolyzed

More than a hair treatment

Our products are based on natural ingredients such as rosemary oil, coconut, rose, argan, apple, hydrolyzed soy protein among others, which provide nutrition, hydration, repair and protect the hair from root to tip. They also contain herbal extracts which aim to help improve circulation in the scalp area, improving growth and preventing hair loss.

Our results

Our purpose is to improve hair nutrition and growth.